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Vision Zero Connect, a Nottinghamshire based sustainability consultancy, had its official launch today.

With innovative and cutting edge software, Vision Zero connect are poised to revolutionise how businesses navigate the complex landscape of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) on a worldwide basis.

Currently located in London, Nottingham , Hong Kong and soon to be Chicago in the USA, Rich Ford, Founder and Business Leader at Vision Zero Connect, emphasised the company’s vision, stating, “Our goal is to provide strategic insight, hands-on implementation, and cutting-edge tools to help businesses seamlessly incorporate ESG considerations into their daily operations. By doing so, we aim to champion social responsibility, enhance governance practices, and drive impactful environmental initiatives.”

“Our partnership approach ensures that businesses can capitalise on emerging ESG opportunities while staying ahead of regulatory changes,” added Rich Ford. “Vision Zero Connect is committed to delivering innovative and agile solutions tailored to the needs of regulated and high-compliance industries worldwide.”

At the heart of the business is ESG Navigate™ which delivers outstanding ESG Management Reporting functions and unsurpassed management functions, delivering unrivalled ESG performance.

Developed by the outstanding Vision Zero Connect technical team, ESG Navigate™ delivers across markets, sectors and locations, recognising and adapting to changing legislation demands, keeping you complaint across the globe

Vision Zero Connect also provide unrivalled sustainability consultancy services to successfully deliver solutions which reduce carbon emissions, optimise energy performance, and prepare for legislative and cultural challenges, through their ESG Roadmap™.


For more information about Vision Zero Connect and its suite of sustainability services, visit or contact +447389886425 or email us at