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Sustainability & Sustainable Energy

Vision Zero Consult sustainability and sustainable energy strategies focus on social, environmental, and economic issues, and the interdependence and mutually reinforcing qualities of these concepts on industrial, commercial residential and public sector development projects.

Our key objectives focus on minimising carbon emissions, reducing waste, use of materials, climate change initiatives, community engagement, the environment and optimising performance.

Working with clients and development teams, Vision Zero Consult have developed a framework approach which reflect these objectives, sourcing and evolving solutions which help define the overall development process, ultimately delivering outstanding opportunities and benefits.

The Vision Zero Consult sustainability framework provides a flexible and adaptable approach, reflecting sustainability targets and key legacy drivers through:

  • Adapting and evolving to meet Market / Legislation / Reputational drivers

  • Delivering against defined ESG commitments & sustainability ambitions

  • Enhancing efficient operational and lifecycle cost

  • Optimising capital cost and return on investment

  • Adapting and evolving current approach strategies

  • Working collaboratively

  • Accepting a flexible approach to define the solution

  • Thoughtful solutions and development strategies

The Vision Zero Consult Three Pillars

Energy & Renewables

Developing strategies which combine knowledge of energy technologies with understanding of each site, available energy resources, the local community, commercial realities and the evolving carbon agenda.

  • Predict energy demand
  • Consider energy capacity issues
  • Quantify energy resources
  • Evaluate technical and commercial implications of options
  • Consider community impacts
  • Engage stakeholders in optimising energy solutions
  • Manage operational risk
  • Embed flexibility and future options
  • Monitor and support technology development

Built Environment

Strategies which combine knowledge of design, compliance, cost, construction, market, brand and operation in a property context.

  • Carbon literacy
  • Community creations
  • Social value opportunities
  • Consideration of market
  • Developing resilient communities
  • Cost v Value – customer focus
  • Building physics strategies
  • Embodied carbon in materials
  • Construction and procurement methodologies
  • Coding, kit of part of continual improvements
  • Collaborations with prop tech/product innovators

Natural Environment

Strategies which consider the tangible and intangible relationships between landscape, biodiversity, environment, context, place and its inhabitants.

  • Consideration of multifunctional green infrastructure
  • Soil and land quality to inform open space strategy
  • Consideration of Blue and Green grid inter-relationship
  • Biodiversity net gain and natural systems strategy
  • Food growing and local community
  • Placemaking
  • Social strategy/use of community areas
  • Landscape and energy inter-relationship
  • Visibility and contextual integration

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