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Vision Zero Consult + Earthly

A complete net-zero solution

For a project to achieve net zero, it requires a proactive strategy of impact reduction and carbon removal

In partnership, Vision Zero Consult and Earthly provide a complete net-zero solution that combines a reduction strategy with investments in nature, to go beyond carbon neutral.

Truly achieving net zero, demands agile and adaptive strategic thinking, developing options to reduce energy consumption and enhance carbon removal. Through innovative, fresh thinking, Vision Zero Consult and Earthly develop and implement sustainability strategies, for new developments and existing buildings, solutions to reduce emissions, investments in nature offset any outstanding impact.​

For responsible developers, sustainability is a priority. Furthermore, ‘green’ buildings are reported to reduce sick time and increase productivity by over £130 per square foot (Source: CBRE). For a project to achieve net zero, it requires a proactive strategy of impact reduction and carbon removal – where emissions can be no further reduced.

Together, Vision Zero Consult and Earthly are able to build a sustainability strategy – for new or existing developments – where innovative ideas reduce emissions, and investments in nature offset any outstanding impact.

Vision Zero Consult have outstanding experience in developing and implementing ESG strategies and long-term programs for carbon reduction and enhanced energy efficiency, authoring and publishing ESG publications for recognised market leaders, across market sectors.

These sustainability and sustainable energy strategies focus on social, environmental, and economic issues, and the interdependence and mutually reinforcing qualities of these concepts on industrial, commercial, residential and public sector development projects. Vision Zero Consult’s key objectives focus on minimising carbon emissions, reducing waste, use of materials, climate change initiatives, community engagement, the environment and optimising performance. Through strong leadership and support, Vision Zero Consult place people and community at the heart of change, encouraging innovation and promoting pride in making a difference.

To compliment this strategy, Earthly are perfectly positioned to support organisations who wish to decarbonise elements of a project where the impact cannot be further reduced. Earthly connects projects to high-quality nature-based solutions around the world. Investing in a nature-based solution, as opposed to a technology or energy-based solution means an organisation is helping to not only remove carbon, but restore nature and improve local livelihoods. Earthly’s unique scoring assessment highlights co-benefits such as local employment, education, water security and endangered species protection. To accelerate investment into nature, Earthly encourages companies to go beyond Net Zero – offsetting 110% of their impact – to give back to our planet more than they take.

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