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Establishing the right strategic ESG framework is a key issue for most organisations with property at the heart of what they do. For many it’s about leaving the right sustainable property legacy, for others it about meeting their regulatory requirements.

Vision Zero Consult have designed a flexible 3 Stage Process which we use to establish ESG Frameworks. We know it works because our clients tell us!

The process is structured to incorporate key legacy drivers with a set of ESG standards and commitments into a structured delivery framework. This guides delivery of sustainability objectives across an estate, a property portfolio or multiple projects.

Our input begins with understanding more about each organisation’s objectives and then developing a strategy designed to deliver clear commitments.


  1. Establish or validate your sustainability goals

Achieved through a workshop format with key stakeholders

Delivers a set of core principles, strategic objectives and specific goals

  1. Choose the right framework for your organisation

What framework suits your particular requirements – established or bespoke – Five Capitals, One Planet Living, UN Sustainable Goals, etc

Delivers a Management Framework with a set of ESG standards and commitments – reflecting key drivers and using defined objectives, strategies and KPIs.

  1. Implement

Establish an implementation approach to apply to individual projects or properties, with activities, responsibilities, review milestones and reporting structure. A process designed to guide the team through the key stages and provide milestones for review and benchmarking.

If you would like to know more about how this flexible 3 stage process could be tailored for your organisation please make contact.